At Kassel's Pharmacy, your health and well being is our foremost priority. For this reason, we offer the following special services:

Medication and Prescription Delivery

Health Training and Advice

Prescription Renewal Reminders

Preparation and delivery of dossets

To help take your medication according to your doctor's instructions, Kassel's Pharmacy can prepare weekly dossets boxes. The dossets contain the medication you need for each day and are clearly marked with the days of the week. If your medicine must be taken more than once a day, other dosset boxes are created, listing the different times.

Pickup and delivery of prescriptions

Training and advice

Training on how to use Glucometers to test blood sugar
Advice on small ailments
In-house seminars
Education on various drugs and treatments
Answers to health and wellness related questions

Complimentary emails to remind you when to renew your prescription

If your prescription has run out and you haven't renewed, Kassel's Pharmacy will send an e-mail to remind you.